I don’t know why or how. But I end up organizing a lot of fiction anthologies.

I’ve done two libertarian science fiction anthologies, Defiant, She Advanced and Valiant, He Endured.

Defiant, She Advanced libertarian science fiction anthology cover Valiant He Endured

I’ll be opening submissions for the third in the There Will be Liberty Series in December, close it at the end of March 2017 and publish in May 2017.

Mosaic Sci-Fi Novel

I’m also working on an exciting mosaic science fiction novel project. This will be out probably in February 2017.

Indie Flash Fiction

Right now, I’m finishing up a multi-genre Indie flash fiction anthology. I’ll publish it in September.

And I just announced another multi-genre Indie flash fiction anthology with a Halloween theme, the second book in my new Flash Flood anthology series. I’ve even got the cover picked out.

indie halloween anthology

Plus, now, thanks to support from my fellow authors, I’ve decided to create a whole series of themed multi-genre Indie flash fiction anthologies. Here are they are:

Flash Flood # 3: Christmas. Dec 1

10 weeks to write
Announce: Sep 1
Stories Due: Nov 10
Proofing: Nov 17
Publish: Dec 1

Flash Flood # 4: Valentine’s Day. Jan 31, 2017

10 weeks to write
Announce: Nov 1
Stories Due: Jan 10
Proofing: Jan 17
Publish: Jan 31

Flash Flood # 5: Space Opera. May 4, 2017

9.5 weeks to write
Announce: Feb 1
Stories Due: Apr 10
Proofing: Apr 17
Publish: May 4

Flash Flood # 6: Independence/thrillers. Jun 15, 2017

9 weeks to write
Announce: March 23
Stories Due: May 25
Proofing: Jun 1
Publish: Jun 15

Authors, I’d love to hear your ideas, including on titles. I could handle doing up to 6 of these per year.

Readers, stay tuned for some great reads!

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