I’m working on a new story! In fact, it’s going to be a series of stories. I’ve actually been working on the main character for years. His name is Lando Cruz.

Lando is a resourceful young undocumented immigrant living in a near-future United States where the federal government is so desperate to control the economy that it has established a network of work camps and is funneling people into them using the Three Strikes Act. Under the Three Strikes Act, once you are convicted of three crimes, from failure to properly register your business to marijuana possession or just copyright infractions, you are sentenced in administrative court to a mandatory minimum of 5 years in the camps. In response to the federal clampdown, a libertarian-influenced underground economy has sprung up. People just can not find gainful employment in the government-regulated sector. These black marketeers – the agora – now comprise 15 per cent of the national economy. And they’re growing.

Lando supports his family – his terminally ill dad and pampered teenage sister – with a Bitcoin currency exchange for street businesses and retail shops in downtown Washington, DC that he runs under cover of a low-carb wrap food cart. When corrupt beat cops try – and fail – to shake down the sly Lando, they take his family hostage in the camps. Lando has just 30 days to bribe them out before he loses his sister to sex trafficking and his dad forever.

Lando lucks into a high-paying opportunity with the agora’s new intelligence outfit, The Core, but his mission is a secret, even to him. When Lando discovers the true nature of The Core, he is faced with a stark choice between violating his dearly-held principles and doing whatever it takes to save his family.

I’ve been planning Lando Cruz and The Coup Conspiracy since mid-September. My writing coach agrees that the story has a strong foundation and I’ve lined up a developmental editor to help me as well. This story is going to blow you away! My goal is to have Lando Cruz and The Coup Conspiracy ready for purchase in ebook and paperback formats for Bitcoin and USD by December 15.

Libertarians, agorists, voluntaryists and other politically-minded folks are going to LOVE this novel but the story is strong enough to snare everyday science fiction readers, too.

Enter your email address below (where it says “Get Free Novel Chapters”) to get updates! I might even write this in full public view, chapter by chapter, at Leanpub. I’m excited about this story. It’s not every day that new libertarian / agorist science fiction is in the works!

P.S. I’ve been promising Project B, another science fiction novel for quite some time. I decided to set my 130-page outline aside briefly so I can take it to the next level. Expect it in spring 2014. It’s going to be bad-ass, too!

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