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Lando Cruz

Lando Cruz and the Coup Conspiracy

Lando Cruz and the Coup Conspiracy

In a future where economic collapse has forced the growing unemployed population into either the camps or a ragtag black market rebellion, Lando Cruz's family are held captive by out-of-control cops. He takes the only job that will enable him save them. Failure means certain disaster for his little sister and a one-way trip to the camps for Lando.

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Gran Pacifica

Gran Pacifica a science fiction serial by George Donnelly

Gran Pacifica

In 2093, the free city of Gran Pacifica is the envy of the solar system. Nebraska farm boy Heath Reilly wins the right to travel there and he falls in love with Promise, daughter of the influential spiritual leader of Gran Pacifica. But when the United States invades, they press Heath into military service. Will Heath honor his country or his love?

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Available: April 2015.

Project B

Project B

Project B

Dr. John Romans is at the peak of his career as a robotics scientist working on advanced prosthetics for war veterans. But when his body is mangled and his family killed in a terrorist attack, Romans must become a guinea pig for a surprising new version of his own technology. Now he must fight in a secret technology war that will redefine mankind.

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Available: October 2015

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Ever the Rebel

George Donnelly Growing up in Pennsylvania in the 1980s, I was given the apple-pie routine. America is great. All is well or soon will be. But then I went to high school in inner-city Philadelphia. Everything wasn’t alright.

I’ve been a rebel my whole life. I became a troublemaker when Catholic grade school bored me. I published a broadsheet attack on administrative oppression at my Philadelphia public high school. I left a Chicago loop 67th floor bank job to drive a cab. I left the United States, too. When I came back, I was arrested, beaten and thrown into federal prison by US Marshals for exposing their abuse. Then I fomented an international uproar over airport grope-downs. I was even accused of being a terrorist on network TV.

Rebellion is a worthy vocation. I bring you my unique brand of rebellion now through my science fiction novels and novellas.

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The Death Shop - Paranormal Dystopian Sci-Fi

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The Republic Trust is terminating hungry people by the thousands in feed lines across England. Ailsa struggles to fill her daughter’s stomach and break the girl’s addiction to viewscreen soap operas on the dreary streets of London.

After a thirty-hour stint in correction for both mother and daughter, endless hungry nights and resorting to prostitution to keep her little girl alive, Ailsa’s protectorate is called to the dreaded uplift.

Without hope, special permission or transportation, there is only one escape for these girls — the Death Shop. What lies on the other side may not provide the safety Ailsa sought.

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About your Automated Future

Pundits increasingly agree that we can expect a future where we simultaneously enjoy material abundance and suffer from a lack of employment opportunities. Robots, including software, will replace workers – even skilled workers such as lawyers and computer programmers.

Is War Part of the Human Condition?

Is war inevitable? Is it a part of the human condition? Can we end all war, forever? Should we even try? What would stories be without war, the largest, most tense and free-ranging form of conflict ever?