Which, if any, of these storylines interest you? I’m having trouble deciding which one to write next. TIA for your feedback, I appreciate it!

(1) A geeky scientist/MD becomes a guinea pig for his own cyborg technology in order to solve the mystery of his family’s death in a terrorist attack and to redeem his reputation.

(2) A redneck boy from Idaho travels to the free city of Gran Pacifica in the middle of the Pacific Ocean just as his own country attacks and destroys the city, plunging him into a multi-partite war on the ocean.

(3) A failed science fiction author’s paralyzed pre-teen son disappears from his long-term care facility together with a medical AI system and he must track down the boy despite a series of mysterious obstacles.

(4) An ex-con former private eye who is in the business of providing discreet revenge for a price takes on a pro bono job that’s too big for him at the insistence of his mother.

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