I’m writing a monthly science fiction serial in 2018, and you get to decide what it’ll be about. Here are the options:

Alien Invasion: A young, abused boy. An awesomely powerful alien civilization. One chance to save his friends. Dystopian. Think The Walking Dead meets War of the Worlds.

Space Opera: The space freighter heist of a lifetime. A ragtag alien crew. A detective’s vendetta. Utopian. Think Star Wars meets Firefly meets Les Miserables.

Galactic Empire: A galactic empire. A lone but cunning trader, forced to choose between profit and doing the right thing. Lightly dystopian. Think Asimov’s Foundation meets Ayn Rand.

Military Sci-fi: Newbie space marines. A race of shapeshifting lizards. Intergalactic war. Lightly utopian. Think Starship Troopers.

Space Exploration: A federation of planets. A new starship captain outnumbered in alien space. An awesome weapon headed for Earth. Very Utopian. Think Star Trek.

High-Tech: An idealistic scientist. A new technology. A government plot that sends him on a paranoid global adventure. Non-topian. Think Tom Clancy meets Elon Musk.

Take the Survey, Get the Serial FREE

Tell me which option you like. Take the survey now, and get the all 12 episodes of the serial, FREE, via email on the 15th of each month in 2018. (Everyone else pays $19 per year.) Only the first 100 responses are recorded, so hurry and take the survey now.

He’s writing up a storm!

My son wants to be a writer, too. He put some of his Star Wars fan fiction up on WattPad. Maybe you know a young reader who’d like it? Check it out here.

He’s also teaching himself piano, and just learned Thrawn’s theme from the Star Wars TV show Rebels. Here’s the video.

I hope your December is going great! Talk to you again, next week!

P.S. Thanks everyone for your wonderful and overwhelming support of my satiric Trump anthology. The feedback has been very gratifying. It’s not too late to get your copy of what everyone could soon be talking about.

Photo by Denys Nevozhai on Unsplash

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