Write 1,000 Words for a Donald Trump Flash Fiction Anthology

In a brazen attempt to pander to current market trends and interests, I’ve decided to organize and publish a Donald Trump flash fiction anthology on January 20, 2017, just in time to give the 45th president of the United States the welcome into office that he deserves.

Without taking sides or engaging in further debate, and with a solemn satirical intention, I invite you to submit stories for the first ever, it’s-gonna-be-YUGE Donald Trump flash fiction anthology.

The Plan

  • To get published in something that could make the news and go YUUUUUGE.
  • To have some fun working with fellow indie authors.
  • To publish it no later than Jan 20, 2017.
  • To publish it wide and permafree in ebook format.
  • To distribute it to your mailing list free of charge.
  • To participate in group promos.

The Requirements

  • Any writer is welcome, 18 and over.
  • Pen names are fine.
  • Submit as many stories as you like.
  • Donald Trump must be the main character of your story.
  • Submissions must be complete stories – with a beginning, middle and end – and never excerpts.
  • Story length: ideally 1,000 words or less. You can go up to 1,500 if you really need it.
  • You must have your story proofread and line-edited prior to submission, by you or someone else. Please don’t submit messy drafts, only final work. Although I’m an editor and the editor of this project, this is unpaid volunteer work, so please pitch in (or hire me for a special flat rate of $10 per story – see below).
  • Stories are due Jan 13, 2017, which gives you about 8 weeks.
  • Any genre except erotica
  • Err on the side of satire and parody for legal reasons.
  • Submit your stories here: https://goo.gl/forms/Mg29nku9XDKxrNxC3.


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The Schedule

Stories Due: Jan 13, 2017
Publish: Jan 20, 2017

Please Help Me With

  • getting the word out to other indie authors so they can submit stories, too.
  • I’m accepting donations to cover the cost of the ebook cover via PayPal and Bitcoin (1DHkr6NqWQeiDDoHxv75nCb5T2Qt78MA5S). (I’ll need between $50 and $750, I estimate, depending on the artist we select.)


To hire me to line edit and proofread your story/ies for the special flat rate of $10 each, email [email protected] with the subject line: “Edit my flash fiction story for $10 please.” This is entirely optional and not in the least required. It will get you a great editing job but not any kind of preference in the anthology.

If you’d like an editor credit, email me. I’ll need you to proofread 20 stories for me and to bring in at least 10 new stories, including your own.


Here’s the license I’m asking you to agree to. It’s plainly visible at the end of the submission form:

I affirm that I am the owner of the content provided herein and am granting a royalty-free, non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable license to use the content as part of the anthology “2017 Donald Trump Anthology,” (title subject to change) edited by George Donnelly in ebook, print, audiobook and translated formats. Once the anthology is published, I promise to promote it to the best of my ability through my author website, mailing list and social media account(s). (If you don’t agree, please don’t submit the form.)


Any income generated will go towards promoting this anthology.

If using Google Docs

If you’re using Google Docs, please share the story with [email protected] or just grant access upon request to that address. Ditto if you’re using Dropbox and only want to share the file with a specific account/address.

I look forward to working with you! Any questions, email [email protected].

P.S. I’ve also announced this at KBoards. Join the conversation there!