Everything is Ludicrous

Everything is ludicrous. Just the fact that we exist and can think and communicate is a cosmic prank. A wonderful one to be sure, but a gag nonetheless.

So when someone gets angry, why wouldn’t I laugh a little?

To allow yourself to get angry in the midst of all this ridiculously improbably wonder is nonsensical. When you’re alive, conscious and can buy bacon at the supermarket for $4.99, what the heck is there to get angry about?

Robot Bees

Here are a few more tidbits of ludocrity for you.

  • Harvard made a robotic bee that can fly, swim and transition from the water back to flying.
  • Hackers stole the NSA’s hacking tools, you know the ones they use to hack everything from your iPhone X to Chinese power stations. Ed Snowden blew the whistle on what the NSA was up to. But these hackers are releasing the actual code the NSA uses to snoop inappropriately. All the ransomware we saw earlier this year? Thank the NSA for that.
  • The wealthiest 1% of people in the world now own 50% of the world’s wealth. Hey, I’m a capitalist but I’m giving this the Fry-from-Futurama not-sure-meme look.

On that last note, I caught an old movie (1986) with Jeremy Irons and Robert De Niro (weird pairing, right?) called The Mission. It’s one of those movies that has depth — an action movie of the soul, if you will. Highly recommended.

In the midst of all these accusations flying at celebrities and politicians, let’s remember Mr. Rogers, who was such a stunning example of a human being. I watched his show every day, through good times and bad, when I was small. I love that guy.

What I’m working on

I’m creating a new fictional universe, and I have to map every asteroid and alien civilization in it. I’m nuts that way. So the outline for book 1 in my galactic empire Portal to Empire series is nearly done and I decided to write a prequel novella of about 20,000 words with the antagonist’s backstory of being conquered, enslaved, attempting to escape, being chained to the inside of an asteroid… You get the idea.

This novella, tentatively titled Keximus Mak (that’s his name) will not be for sale. Anywhere. Ever. I will only give it as a bonus to those who pre-order book 1 in the series. So, stand by.

Photo by Maeghan Smulders on Unsplash