Hope is Restored; Zombie Hope!

Have you ever wanted to succeed at something? Did you want it so badly that you almost didn’t believe you could do it?

And when you lost the faith, did you fall into a dark mood and want to give up? Did you have trouble coming back from that?


Because that happened to me about a third of the way into book 2 in the Rork Sollix series.

It sucks. Because not only am I frustrated as heck with myself but I let you, my readers, down.

I told myself I had to regroup. I took a month or so, scrubbed (with bleach) every square inch of my apartment. Tossed out all the crap my ex left behind. Donated a ton of old clothes and toys to the poor.

Comedy of Terrors

I replaced light bulbs. I moved my desk. I even emptied out the storage closet — had to, a pipe burst in it! And then an old lady backed her car into it and knocked the wall down.

In the process I got a hand fungus, now defeated after weeks of applying Clotrimazol and Betamethasone and wearing gloves to prepare food and take showers.

Hope Restored

I’m so glad I did this. Because ditching that old junk and scrubbing the fingerprints off the ceilings rebooted my fiction engine.

I’m ready to write again!

I thought about erotica. Then terrorism thrillers. But, after rewatching The Walking Dead, I settled on a post-apocalyptic zombie thriller.

I’m 14,000 words into a 50,000-word short novel. I even commissioned artwork for the cover.

Ooh, I want to tell you about the killer concept and the twisting story I have planned but…

I’m gonna make you wait.

Yeah, the darkness can make you evil like that.

Anyway, hope is restored. Zombie hope. Expect more fiction from me soon and thanks for sticking with me. You’re a rare breed!