That Look of Shock Tho

It was about this time of year almost exactly one decade ago. My son, Clark, was just a month old, and my golden retriever, Simon, jumped up on the bed next to him.

Simon, just three years old at the time, had to see the baby. He wasn’t usually allowed on the bed, but with camera in hand, I made an exception.

And I got this excellent shot.

Nothing happened. Dog met boy, boy met dog. Nobody got hurt. Tho Simon did try to steal Clark’s socks off his toes shortly afterwards.

Simon was a good dog. He only stole a few toys, socks and shoes from Clark. And, later, he endured endless hair pullings with nary a complaint much less any hint of aggression.

Sadly, Simon passed away in 2014. But I’ve still got the boy, and all the enduring memories of a great dog, not just loving and cuddly but who also once saved me from a beating at the hands of a huge, drunk guy. Not to mention that time he took down an attacking pit bull with one, smooth move.

I’ll tell you those stories another time.