Your Reviews are Melting my Titanium-Clad Heart

You’ve presented me with a great gift – new reviews! As an INTJ, emotion figures little in my calculations. I try, but it just doesn’t compute. But this outpouring of support is melting even my titanium heart. Have an organic, if virtual, bear hug from me to you.

Valiant, He Endured

Valiant He Endured

I love well-done anthologies, but there are so many bad ones! This is one of the good ones and it does what sci-fi was made to do: examine complex social and ethical issues in a thought-provoking and entertaining way. I laughed out loud at several of the stories, very funny! And some of them made me pause and mull over what I had just read. The liberty themes came through each one, some subtle others more in your face. Loved it! High caliber authors, good flow from story to story. – Amazon reviewer

Rise the Renegade

Rise the Renegade

GD has written a SyFy novel with a very good plot and storyline… This is an excellent read for the genre. – Amazon reviewer

Great introduction of a strong, even if slightly flawed, action hero. Rork, the never say die, action hero. I am physically winded after reading this book, Rork never stops! I look forward to following Rork and Lala’s adventures together asap! Good solid writing, thank you George Donnelly. – Amazon reviewer

Pink Slip Prophet

Pink Slip Prophet

Ian Blake, father of three, just saved a baby and was fired from his job. I hated his boss, Larry, and Ian’s so called family, wife Cindy, daughter Stacy and son Michael, even though they don’t know any better. Only Jack the youngest child was real… I thoroughly enjoyed this story and look forward to more by this talented author. Remember this name George Donnelly. – Amazon reviewer

I enjoyed pink slip prophet. I found the good guys really good and the bad guy really bad lol… Overall it was a good read, and I felt true hatred towards the villan lol. So good job! – Amazon reviewer

Death Shop

It was hard to put down. Fast paced and straight to the action. – Amazon reviewer

Lando Cruz and the Coup Conspiracy

What a crazy book! In an incredibly fast paced and irresistible manner. Crazy characters, crazy storyline, crazy twists, but…. I totally got and empathized with Lando – the main character. Mr Donnelly, please tell me there’s a sequel!! Sci-fi, future earth, corrupt political systems, revolting populace – this had it all. – Amazon reviewer

Defiant, She Advanced

Awesome compilation of stories. Great views on a variety of subjects, from the standpoint of SciFi-based storylines. – Amazon reviewer

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