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George Donnelly

Hi, I’m George Donnelly. I’m passionate about human empowerment and have dedicated much of my recent professional life to pioneering Bitcoin & Web3 adoption in the developing world.

I’m also a lifelong writer of science fiction, content, opinion and copy for a variety of purposes and industries.

At heart, I see myself as an analyst, rational problem-solver and radically-transparent communicator.

Professionally, I’m a project manager, strategist, crypto Web3 builder, freelance writer & marketer, and science fiction author. Check out my portfolio.

I’m also an unschooling dad, aikido fan, Gandhian nonviolence enthusiast (satyagrahi) and former Chicago cabbie. I’m a huge movie fan, a weekend mountain hiker and like to play board games. I’m single and looking to get married and have more children.

I enjoy the ideas of voluntaryism and mutualism and have sometimes been a liberty activist. I’m a strong proponent of family and raising children with love, respect and dignity. I’m a survivor of extreme childhood abuse and neglect.

I have lived in rural Appalachia (9y), Philadelphia (10y), Chicago (8y), Osaka (2y), Kobe (2y), Medellín (20y) and Bogotá (1y).

My MBTI is INTJ and my Enneagram is 8w7 (853). My instinct stacking is so/sp. On the Big Five, I score very high for Openness and high for Conscientiousness.

I value autonomy, self-expression, dignity, fairness, reciprocity, integrity, efficiency, transparency, authenticity and competence.

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