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Hi, I'm George

Writer, Coder, Project Manager, Author

I'm a multi-faceted creator who focuses on passion projects that can make an impact. I write content, copy and technical tutorials. I edit fiction. I create apps both with code and no-code tools. I'm a strategic thinker and highly-organized project manager. I'm an idealistic pioneer in Bitcoin & Web3 adoption who's known for taking the initiative and inspiring people. I've delivered more than $5.5mm in global projects.

My toolbox includes Javascript, Next.js, React, Solidity, Python, CashScript, Bitcoin Script, Rust, HTML5, CSS3, TailwindCSS, Solid.js, Astro.js, Flask, Django, GraphQL, WordPress, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Docker, Ollama, AWS, DaVinci Resolve, native-level Spanish, AirTable, Zapier and many other no-code tools, including email marketing and automation.

Current Projects: Yap Bay, Looking for a remote job / freelance writing clients, Token Pioneers, Gran Pacifica, Portal to Empire , raising a Shiba Inu puppy & nurturing a teenage artist.

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