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If you're building something important and you're doing it well...

Posted on:March 27, 2024 at 12:40 PM
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If you’re building something important and you’re doing it well, haters, naysayers and jealous trolls are coming for you.

I’ve seen it in so many areas, from my activism to my crypto mass adoption work.

It’s just a fact of human life that arises from people who lack the confidence to do what you are doing.

They are impressed by what you are doing. They want to be doing it too! But there is something in them that needs work.

Hopefully, they will get there.

Builders need more support and I’d like to start an ongoing conversation here about how we builders can support each other.

Step 1 is to take a little time away from sources of stimulation and really explore your why, your purpose, your mission.

Dig deep into your own personal history, your background, your family history. Look at what upsets you. What excites you. What unleashes a raw spear of lightning in your gut.

For me, that has always been prosperity.

I used to admire the politician Jack Kemp because he went on about a rising tide lifting all boats.

Later, I was galvanized by Ayn Rand’s thoughts on property and the non-aggression principle.

Later I read Gandhi’s autobiography and was deeply touched by his compassion and love.

Finally, i discovered Hernando de Soto and realized why there is so much poverty in the world.

Now I am focused on building dapps that can help get crypto into the hands of people in the developing world so that more and more local crypto economies have a shot at sprouting up and flourishing.

What are you building?