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The Portal to Empire Series

A desperate young man. A portal to another galaxy. One chance at greatness.

Dag Smith swore — in front of his mom, his crush and and his entire home town of 20,000 people — that he would make it in the Big Apple.

But in job interview after job interview, he is rejected. At sunset on his last day, he crosses the George Washington Bridge to admire Manhattan one last time — before heading home a pathetic failure.

Until a weird fellow in a gray suit offers him a chance at greatness — and a $10,000 signing bonus. All he has to do is step through the portal.

But what’s on the other side?

If you like space battles, galactic empires and heroic characters, you’re going to love George Donnelly’s new space adventure Portal to Empire, book 1 of 3 in the Empire series.

Pick up a copy of Portal to Empire today to discover this exciting new series!

More coming soon!