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The Rork Sollix Series

Rork Sollix

The golden age of freedom withers across the Solar System as independent colonies fall under the dominion of Barbary and Sons, a ruthless cartel run by a 24th century cross between Genghis Khan and the CEO of Walmart.

One man rises in opposition. Rork Sollix raids Barbary’s cargo ships for fun and profit, along with his lovestruck teenage servant Lala Fevari and his ragtag crew.

Just days from death, betrayed by his own men and on the run, Rork tries to safeguard Lala on Earth. But Barbary kidnaps her, throws Rork in a bleak Delhi prison and aims to make the young girl pay for Rork’s crimes.

Science Fiction » Space Opera • 72,000 words • Published: 2016 • ISBN: 9781941939062

…very good plot and storyline. … This is an excellent read for the genre.

Goodreads reviewer

Rork, the never say die, action hero. I am physically winded after reading this book, Rork never stops!

Amazon reviewer

A non stop thrill ride of Rork and his girlfriend always getting into troubled situations, but finding a way out of each one.

Goodreads reviewer