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I'm Looking for a Remote Job as a Writer or Project Manager

Posted on:October 12, 2023 at 12:40 PM
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I’m looking for a full-time remote job as a technical writer, content writer, project manager or similar in Web3 / tech.

About Me

I transform complex projects into triumphs through inspiration & storytelling.

I built & scaled $5.5mm of projects for tech, creative & crypto clients by recruiting & managing diverse teams towards uncharted territories.

I’m a content writer, project manager, Web3 coder, sci-fi author, weekend hiker and dad.

I’m an idealistic pioneer in Bitcoin & Web3 adoption who’s known for taking the initiative and inspiring people.

I lead with authentic influence, initiative-taking, relationship-building and tech-savvy.

My toolbox includes Solidity, Javascript, CashScript, Rust, Python, HTML5, CSS3, SQL, React, Next.JS, Flask, Django, Astro.JS, GraphQL, WordPress, DaVinci Resolve, native-level Spanish, AirTable, Zapier and many other no-code tools.

Check out my portfolio here:


Peer Feedback

“George, in my personal dealings with you, you have always been kind, courteous, professional, clear-headed, and a visionary about what cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Cash can do for the world. I am glad you are and continue to be a part of our community.”

“Every project that George gets involved with is successful. Tasks are completed on time and with a fluidity that allows for ever changing circumstances. George’s enthusiasm and professionalism is infectious and brings out the best in others as well as a desire to be part of anything George is associated with.”

“George has vision, integrity, and energy.”

“George is an excellent communicator and has a knack for really distilling complex ideas in a way that makes them easy to understand. In my experience he has always treated others with utmost respect, and he’d be a great asset for any organization that needs someone with his skills.”

“It’s been a pleasure having you in charge, George. I think the whole project would have sunk if you didn’t take over.”

“You really overdelivered. That’s what I call ‘much bang per buck’ Thank you!!”

“George is just a relentless problem solver.”

“George’s team has demonstrated an extremely high level of professionalism, communication, and most importantly accountability.”


I’m ready to take on new challenges in project management, marketing, writing & tech. I love to connect with new people. Feel free to email me at [email protected].