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It’s an All-You-Can-Imagine Future

Posted on:December 7, 2017 at 01:03 PM
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The future is boundless.

Limits are a thing of the past. The only ones that matter now are those that you decide to enforce on yourself. We are entering a new era of our civilization where our imaginations reign supreme.

Concretes like land, gold, sons and iron tools used to be what determined your wealth. No longer.

Can’t Touch It

Intangibles, such as ideas, patents, algorithms, organizations, relationships and designs, are now more valuable than tangible assets in the first world.

That’s because the mind is the source of all wealth. We simply lacked the proper tools to harness it.

The mental realm is limited only by our imagination.

And nobody can limit your imagination, not your parents, not your neighbors, not your boss or your senator.

Only you can limit your imagination — something that, sadly, most of us do every day through negativity, by making excuses not to try new things, by telling ourselves that planning for a better future is “wishful thinking” and, even more shockingly, by limiting our children’s ability to explore and grow.


People ask why there is growing income inequality. Some of it is due to governments and corporations colluding to screw over the little guy.

Our own failures, however, are responsible for most of it.

Our brains can’t physically get any bigger — C-sections are skyrocketing — but we can modularize intelligence by using culture and the internet. Like the training modules in The Matrix, we can plug in this website and master Javascript, this course and start 3D manufacturing in our garage, this YouTube channel and dominate cryptocurrency trading.

There are no limits to what you can learn online. In 1998, a lowly history major taught himself Unix systems administration and started a successful business with 500 customers in 40 countries. In 2017, an 11-year-old is teaching himself to play the piano on an iPad mini.

We have to plug in, otherwise we’re going to be left behind. And politics can’t fix that for us.

Plug In

This explains, in part, the rising income inequality in the US. Hundreds of thousands are plugging in, and advancing, creating new products, getting new jobs, forming new companies, taking profits. Hundreds of millions are sitting around waiting for the future to come to them.

Guess which group is getting ahead?

It’s all about mindset. Be proactive. Jump in. Anything is possible. Only you decide what is impossible. If you say it is, it is. Be mindful of your own reactions. When that inner voice tells you something is impossible, catch it and talk with it.

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