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Build the Future, You Say??

Posted on:October 25, 2017 at 10:08 PM
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While you endure the North Korea nuclear tests, the rip-out-your-throat battles for political hegemony and the desperate unknown of whether Katy Perry wants her ex back or not, it’s good to remember one thing.

We have children in this world. Children and cats.

I’ve got one of the former and two of the latter.

Human Values

It’s the human values that matter. The little things we do daily. The habits. The constants. The abiding principles.

That’s what children remind me of.

Because you can’t tell a child one thing and do its opposite. They’re too smart not to notice and too naive not to call it to your attention.


I favor independence for kids. Challenges, yes. Guidance but not control. Pushing but not pulling.

I tell my son to focus on the good, and never let others’ bad actions make you think it’s ok for you to be bad. Always give good, no matter what comes back to you, no matter the jerks and the bad breaks. No matter the unfair shakes and the ignoramuses.

Courage. Always courageous.

It’s the human values that matter. Goodness, kindness, courage, patience.

Building the Future

That’s how I’m building the future I want. What about you?

Downfail Speaking of building the future I want (I totally did not plan this segue, I swear!), have you seen Downfail? My protagonist is building the future he thinks we all need, and it’s not a clean progression, but readers have told me they love the emotionally-grinding process the protagonist goes through.

If you’ve read it, please review it. If not, grab a copy today. It’s free after all.

Help me find the courage to write book 2 in the series!

Photo by Alex Pasarelu on Unsplash