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George does a great job crafting believable, likable characters into a compelling tale which incorporates many common elements of futuristic science fiction without feeling stale or derivative. A really enjoyable read all around – I highly recommend!

Amazon reviewer

Great introduction of a strong, even if slightly flawed, action hero. Rork, the never say die, action hero. I am physically winded after reading this book, Rork never stops! I look forward to following Rork and Lala’s adventures together asap! Good solid writing, thank you George Donnelly.

Amazon reviewer

I think your theories, premises, and works of fiction, enjoy the success they do, because, in a certain unique way, they are beautiful. I don’t know what your influences are, if any, but whenever I read your work, it doesn’t remind me of anyone else. Perhaps it’s because being a fiction writer requires you to create a worldview of your own?

T.M., reader

I enjoyed [Downfail]. I found the good guys really good and the bad guy really bad lol. Overall it was a good read, and I felt true hatred towards the villan lol. So good job! – Amazon reviewer

Amazon reviewer

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  1. odedo1

    Appreciation is not a big enough word of what I want to say!
    Thank you very very much for the book,

    Ostfeld Oded.

    • Neil

      Thanks for the books

      • George Donnelly

        You bet. Hope you like them. 🙂

  2. Clifford

    Great book !!! Need more A.S.A.P.

  3. Hannah Colwell

    Loved death shop! Would give it 20 stars. Thanks for the starter library

  4. L M Jennings

    I can not find the link to subscribe


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